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It is the intent of the Board of Directors of the Pasadena City College Foundation, in cooperation with the administration of the college and members of the Athletics Division, to establish an Athletic Recognition Program, formally called the PCC Sports Hall of Fame, for the purpose of appropriately commemorating the accomplishments of those who have made outstanding contributions in the athletics history and tradition of the campus from 1912 through the present.

I. Pasadena High School (PHS) from 1912 through June, 1959. From the opening of PHS until September of 1959, PHS was located on PJC/PCC's main campus. 
*While PHS athletes were allowed into the PCC Hall of Fame through 2018, the restrictions now limit ONLY those that played, coached for the PCC intercollegiate teams.

II. Pasadena Junior College (PJC) from 1924 through 1948. PJC officially opened as a junior college in 1924.

III. Pasadena City College (PCC) from 1948 through the present. 

The PCC Sports Hall of Fame recognizes athletes, coaches and teams who achieved success worthy of special recognition while a student, head coach or team on the campus. Members of the Hall of Fame are honored appropriate recognition displayed at an induction ceremony. All of the Hall of Fame recognitions are displayed as plaques on the entrance foyer walls of the first floor of the GM Building.

The Dick Ratliff Court of Champions recognizes campus athletes, head coaches, and/or athletic administrators who achieved extraordinary success, worthy of social recognition, during their years on campus. Members of the Court of Champions are recognized by a bronze bust of their image dedicated in an induction ceremony. The busts are displayed in an outdoor enclosed area located just west of the GM Building.

The Wall of Fame recognizes any campus athlete who either officially lettered in his or her sport or competed in a PCC sport for a full season. Members of the Wall of Fame are recognized by bronze-cast nameplates displayed on a west wall inside the Court of Champions. Coaches may also be recognized here. This recognition takes place with a $250 donation to the Hall of Fame fund.

The Athletic Recognition Program, i.e. PCC Sports Hall of Fame, is funded by the PCC Foundation. Program costs should not exceed the ernings available from the Athletic Recognition Program Fund, a Foundation endowed account. Program costs include expenses associated with the recognition of additional PCC Sports Hall of Fame or Court of Champions inductees as well as the costs of the ceremonies themselves. The college provides routine maintenance and security for the PCC Sports Hall of Fame and Dick Ratliff Court of Champions.


The original PCC Sports Hall of Fame began with the inaugural Class of 1961 inductees, including the great Jackie Robinson. The Athletics Division continued this Hall through 1966.

The PCC Sports Hall of Fame became dormant until 2000 when former PCC Foundation President Dick Ratliff developed the Athletic Recognition Program and helped raise money for the original funding of the account.

A Court of Champions and Wall of Fame was added to the mix and the first Court of Champions busts were displayed in 2000. The most recent Court of Champions bust was that of state champion men's basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian in 2013. The most recent Hall of Fame class was inducted on August 25, 2018. 

Currently, there are 104 athletes, 11 coaches, four teams and one administrator or 120 inductees into the PCC Sports Hall of Fame. Seventeen are members of the Dick Ratliff Court of Champions. The Court was named in Mr. Ratliff's honor on April 15, 2011 at the '11 induction ceremony. 


*Jackie Robinson (1937-1938), Mack Robinson (1936-1937), and Irv Noren (1942-43) were each part of the inaugural '61 PCC HOF class and the inaugural Court of Champions group of busts in 2000. 

*The first Pasadena City College women's athlete to be inducted was Carol Spanks (1954-1956), who was part of the Court of Champions group in 2000. Athletic Director/Coach Elizabeth Jensen (1920-1957) and PHS only inductee Carol Fletcher (1922-1924) were also honored in that class.

*The first PCC team to be inducted was the 1938 Pasadena Junior College football team in 2016.


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