PCC Runner Adame Perseveres In Completing Ironman Triathlon

Eriqlee Adame at the finish line of the Ironman Triathlon.
Eriqlee Adame at the finish line of the Ironman Triathlon.

Eriqlee Adame, a runner on this year's Pasadena City College men's cross country team, accomplished his goal of completing the Ironman California, held in Sacramento, back on Oct. 22. How he did it was a story of determination.

Adame remarkably finished the grueling couse of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running a full 26.2 mile marathon for a total of 140 miles in a time of 16 hours, 45 minutes (must be completed in a 17-hour time limit) on a fractured ankle he suffered late in the race.

Even more amazing is he also carried a a 22-pound weighted vest during the race to bring awareness to military veteran suicide. Adame continues to champion the Mission 22 Project

Adame, a veteran himself of the U.S. Marine Corps, injured himself with 17 miles left in the marathon, slipping in mud after a storm hit the area causing heavy rain at the 100-mile mark. He had to limp the final part of the race to the finish line.

"What got me through it was seeing everyone else out there," said Adame, who is from Texas. "We were all fighting our own fight and being there with all the amazing athletes and volunteers really helped me push through."

"I was on a mission that day and nothing was going to stop me, now hopefully with this story I can reach more people to educate them about veteran suicide."